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For B.C.'s artists who paint or draw

Artist's Journal


advertising rates


Published since 1997, The Artist's Journal has become a major source of information, offering competitions and exhibiting opportunities for British Columbia artists who paint or draw. The Artist’s Journal lists Calls For Entry throughout the province and is currently the only publication of its kind in B.C. Your ad will be seen by many artists! 

*Two sizes available for Display Ads:

Basic 3" x 5" size (vertical) is $50 for **one month.

GST is not charged. 


A vertical ad deeper than 5" is an additional $10

per inch. The rate is for **one month. GST not charged.

A horizontal ad is unavailable, as this shape is incompatible with a mobile view.

*The editor designs your Display Ad at no extra charge. Please provide all your information. A camera-ready ad is also welcome if it is proportioned to the sizes noted above.

**The price is based on a 30-day (one-month) period but can be negotiated if you are advertising a sale or event with a shorter duration.

Classified advertising is also available


PER MONTH: $10 minimum charge for up to 25 words, and 10c for each extra word. GST not charged. Add $5 if you'd like a box placed around the ad (for added visibility).


For more information contact the editor,

Eve Lees by e-mail.



The new, free online

issue premiered

Oct 1st, 2022

Advertising Rates


Payment options

When your Display or Classified Ad is published, you will receive an invoice. Here are your Payment Options (also explained on your invoice):

  • Mail a cheque or money order, made payable to The Artist's Journal.

  • INTERAC e-Transfers are also accepted, as are payments through your own PayPal account.

  • If you do not have a PayPal account, and you would like to pay with a Bank Card or Credit Card, request an invoice which is payable online via PayPal (having your own PayPal account is not required).


Publishing industry lingo:

"To advertise" refers to a "paid" advertisement.

To place a "News item" is submitting a free-of-charge news item about
your event.

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