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The Artist's Journal has been published since 1997.

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Below is an (alphabetical) listing of the artists featured in past issues of this publication. Click on each name to view their profile. 


Editor’s message: When I created The Artist’s Journal in 1997, I included a “Birthday” column, where my subscribers could post their artistic genre and their contact information if they were born in the month(s) of the current issue’s publication date. This was a small gesture of my gratitude for their subscription support. In 2017, I expanded that to a more detailed feature profile of one or two of my subscribers in each issue. Profiles were chosen lottery style, picked as numbers out of a “hat” for each issue (they are not received as submissions or suggestions from the public).

Caution . . . Please consider the year the profile was published: The artists' information (and their contact links) may have changed since their appearance in some of the older issues.