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For BC's artists who paint or draw.
The most concentrated source of Calls for Entry in BC!


Artist's Journal

Back issues

For over 25 years The Artist’s Journal was available only by paid subscription. It was published quarterly (four issues yearly). However, on October 1st, 2022, it became a free and permanent online source of Calls for Entry (no longer in an "issues" format). Calls for Entry are regularly added and removed as they expire. View the new publication here.

Back issues available

Enjoy these more recent past issues of The Artist's Journal (links are below). They are all in the old 'quarterly' issue format, prior to becoming left permanently online in October of 2022. If you are interested in any older back issues, contact the editor. 

There is no charge to have back issues e-mailed to you.

May-Aug 1997 cover.jpg

First issue 1997



"hard copy" cover

Featured artists

Below is an (alphabetical) listing of the artists featured in this publication. Click on the artist's name to view their profile. 


Editor’s message: When I created The Artist’s Journal in 1997, I included a “Birthday” column, where my subscribers could post their artistic genre and their contact information if they were born in the month(s) of the current issue’s publication date. This was a small gesture of my gratitude for their subscription support. In 2017, I expanded that to a more detailed feature profile of one or two of my subscribers in each issue.


Artists are chosen lottery style, picked as numbers out of a “hat” (they are not received as submissions or suggestions from the public). Now that this publication is a free online source, I will continue to honour my past paying subscribers by featuring them, and I will also include those who are now paying for the optional service of the New Call Notices.

Caution . . . Please consider the year the feature was published: The information (and contact links) may have changed since their appearance in older issues.

Profiles of subscribers
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