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IMPORTANT: (AO) 'group' subscribers are not allowed to distribute this publication to their members as this is an infringement of copyright.

To clarify what "rights" they have by subscribing as a group, they must please read and understand the Terms and Policies before subscribing

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Mail a cheque or money order made payable to The Artist’s Journal: click here to download a convenient mail-in order form, or you can write the requested information on your own paper (your name or AO group name, e-mail, mailing address and phone number. This information is needed so that you can be reached if your e-mail bounces back.). Mail your subscription request/renewal to:

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The Artist's Journal is protected by copyright: It may not be reproduced and copies of this publication are

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publisher’s consent.

Regularly distributing or 'sharing' this publication with others is Copyright infringement (you wouldn't buy a subscription to Reader's Digest Magazine and then give free copies of it to all your friends!) Subscribers, both individuals and groups, are encouraged to ask their friends or art group members to consider purchasing their own subscription.


But more important, The Artist's Journal survives primarily on income from subscriptions. Sharing a subscription will threaten the survival of this unique publication. I appreciate your respect for the time and effort I devote to producing this publication.


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information about copyright policies for The Artist’s Journal. This information must be read by Art Groups before subscribing.

The information can also apply to

individual artists.



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However, you may transfer the remaining issues in your subscription to another artist or your subscription may be 'frozen' to restart in the future.

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Copyright policies and Subscription fee

for Art Groups/Organizations with members:

Arts Organization (AO) subscription

Please read the following before subscribing . . .


The Artist's Journal was designed to be a "paid subscription" publication for individual artists only. It was never intended for multiple or "shared" use by Art Groups, Galleries, Clubs, Councils, etc., hereby known as Arts Organization(s) or AO.


The Artist’s Journal survives on subscription income. However, if only one subscription is sold to one AO, this means the potential for many subscribers is reduced. Fewer subscribers will threaten the income and, therefore, the survival of The Artist's Journal.


The Artist’s Journal is protected by copyright, as any publication is. Copyright prevents ‘reproducing’ the information or

‘sharing’ a subscription with others. This poses a problem for AO subscribers because they can't share or forward their issues to their members.

However, The Artist's Journal understands that many AO's do not have the time or the staff to find interesting "Calls" or other news items to fill their own newsletters or websites. It was only to address this specific issue that The Artists Journal decided to offer a "subscription category" for AO's (groups with members): By purchasing a subscription, it gives the AO permission to copy a limited amount of the news published in The Artist's Journal.

For AO's who have no interest in reproducing the content of The Artist's Journal,

there is really no benefit in purchasing a subscription . . .


AO's can't share or distribute the issues to their members and they do not have to be paying subscribers to have their news published: The Artist's Journal accepts and publishes news submissions from everyone, subscribers and non-subscribers. There is no charge for anyone to publish news items. And ian AO is purchasing a subscription only with the intent of supporting The Artist's Journal, there is a better (cost-free) way . . . The Artist's Journal survives on subscription support, therefore the best "support" an Arts Organization can offer is to submit their news on a regular basis (especially their "Calls for Entry"). This keeps The Artist's Journal full of news, which will then attract more subscribers! And it also lessens the workload for the editor (who is the only staff): when AO's voluntarily send their news items, there is less need for the editor to hunt for the news by visiting every group's website. AO's can also support The Artist's Journal by mentioning the publication in their own publication, website or

on social media.

If, after reading all the above, an AO still insists on purchasing a subscription,

here are the details of the AO subscription category . . .


The new subscriber category/rate for an AO will accommodate and distinguish its different use from that of a single-use individual artist. This allows the AO the copyright use of a limited amount of the news in The Artist's Journal, to publish in their own newsletters/websites. In addition to the individual artists’ subscription rate of $16/year or $28/2 years, the new subscription rate for an AO (any group with members) is $28 yearly with the following terms and policies:


  • That the subscription category for Arts Councils, Clubs/Groups, etc., be termed Arts Organization (AO) to accommodate and distinguish its different use from the single-use subscription for an individual artist (when subscribing, the AO must provide their group's proper name); and

  • That the AO does not share its subscription to The Artist's Journal with its members/patrons, as this is Copyright Infringement. However, by becoming a subscriber, AO's are granted a one-time share of a single issue with any member who wants to view the publication before subscribing, or (more preferably) AO's are encouraged to offer a link to The Artist's Journal website where back issues are posted for all to see; and


  • That the AO gives credit and/or a link to The Artist’s Journal if they reprint several of the art news* items (and only news* items) listed in The Artist’s Journal in their own newsletters or social media. Example of a written credit can be: Sourced from The Artist’s Journal. Copyright prevents the reproduction of the entire publication. However, OA's are asked to consider publishing only a few news* items (and only news* items) and inform readers where they can find more. (*News items are specifically Art Calls or Art Shows, but NOT any Paid display advertising or features created and designed by the editor/publisher); and 


  • That the AO provides a link to The Artist’s Journal or mentions it in some way to their members as a broader source of information (i.e. at their meetings, in their newsletter, website, social media, or mailings).


To download subscription order cards to pass along to others click here or contact the editor to have them mailed.


AO's and individual artists are encouraged to submit their news to The Artist's Journal. Please include this publication on your media mailing list and e-mail your ‘press releases’ of your events (calls, shows & exhibits are published free: lessons and workshops are considered paid advertising. However, if submitting a call or show, lessons/workshops can be BRIEFLY mentioned at the end of the news item). If you do not have a media mailing list, allow The Artist's Journal to include your e-mail on its news source list. By being on this list, you will receive a Deadline Reminder Notice just before each issue, reminding you to submit your news on time for publication.

Place yourself on this list here.

For more clarification contact:

Eve Lees, editor/publisher 

The Artist’s Journal, e-mail