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For B.C.'s artists
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Artist's Journal


Receive an e-mail alert when a newly arrived Call for Entry is posted. New Calls are frequently added, and it may be difficult to identify which Calls were new since your last visit. In addition, some of the new Calls have fast-approaching deadlines: An e-mail alert will help you apply on time to participate in the Call.

Fee: $12/one year

An added perk: If you opt-in to these Notices, you will be included on the list of those chosen to be a featured artist in this publication.


And there's another bonus:

The Notices will also inform you when any features are updated,

such as the Quick Quiz, the Quotes, and

the Artist Feature.

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The new, free online

issue premiered on

Oct. 1st, 2022.

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News Submission Reminders

There's no charge to receive reminders to submit your Call for Entry or your Art Show, should you have one planned. And there is no charge to have your news

published. You'll get free BC-wide coverage! This option is available to art groups and individual artists. Sign up here to receive the reminders. You can cancel the Reminders anytime, and your contact information is never shared or sold.


*3 ways to pay


Send your payment as an INTERAC e-Transfer to  And don't forget to add this e-mail to your e-mail address book, so your Notices do not end up in your SPAM or Junk folder.

2. PAY ONLINE with PAYPAL or by CREDIT CARD:             

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Click the "Buy Nowbutton, and a payment page will appear. Choose "pay with PayPal." In the next box that appears, you can choose the sign-in option if you have a PayPal account. But if you do not have a PayPal account, pick the option at the bottom to pay with Debit or Credit Card. Please add this publication's e-mail to your address book, so your Notices won't go to SPAM folders.


Mail a cheque or money order made payable to The Artist’s Journal: click here to download a convenient mail-in order form, or you can write the requested information on your own paper: Include your name or organization name, e-mail, and phone number or a backup e-mail (this information is needed so that you can be reached if your e-mail bounces back). Mail your Notices request or renewal to: The Artist's Journal at the address found on this mail-in order form    

*NEW CALL NOTICES are NON-REFUNDABLE. However, you may transfer your remaining Notices to another artist or your Notices may be 'frozen' to restart in the future.

Referral offer . . .

If you receive the New Call Notices, take advantage of the "referral offer." Refer a friend to opt into the service, and you’ll both benefit: For each new sign-up received from those you've encouraged to join, you’ll both receive two extra months added to your Notification term. So remember to ask your friend to mention your name when they sign up for the New Call Notices from The Artist's Journal.

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