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Artist's Journal

This publication
appreciates your help
to ensure its survival

The Artist's Journal is a private enterprise, a home-based business published for almost 30 years by one person (with no staff). This publication is not an Arts Organization nor a non-profit eligible for government grants and assistance. Arts Organizations can have several income sources: donations, membership fees, art competition entry fees, admission fees at events, fees for workshops and lessons, etc. However, The Artist's Journal has only two possible sources of income to cover its business expenses: income from paid advertising and the (optional) fee from the New Call Notices. But 'monetary' assistance is not all The Artist's Journal requires to survive . . .


Here are several ways to help,

 and most of them

won’t cost you a cent!




Let your friends and your arts community know this publication exists. Post it on your social media platforms. Provide a link to it in your personal or organization's newsletter or website. Tell your clients, friends, and relatives about it. Tell as many people as you can that this is now a free online publication. Please share this link:    Click here for a brief description to go with the link.


Please “hit” me! I mean, click on this publication’s link whenever you can. New Calls are frequently added, the special features are changed regularly, and there's lots of interesting stuff to read. Visit weekly, monthly, or twice a day if you can! Every “hit” this publication gets increases the “page visit” numbers. This will impress paying advertisers and inspire the arts community to willingly submit their news (so I won’t have to keep looking for it!). Advertisers and those who host Calls and Shows will not hesitate to use a well-read publication as a marketing tool. My website analytics (for page counts) will provide proof of that. So please visit The Artist’s Journal regularly, and invite your friends to visit it as well:


. . . or let me know if you hear about one! I spend long hours sitting at my computer, surfing for Calls for Entry, and I greatly appreciate those who help me by voluntarily sending me their Calls. In addition, the more Calls I can publish, with your help, the more readers this publication will attract. It’s like having a well-stocked store, right? Who wants to visit a store with empty shelves? For details on submitting a Call for Entry, visit

By the way, consider signing up for my mailing list to receive a monthly reminder to submit any art news you may have (Calls For Entry or Art Shows). 

4. SEND YOUR ART SHOW TOO, but be aware . . .

Please understand that The Artist’s Journal is specifically a Calls for Entry publication. I welcome Calls for Entry submissions in any format: jpg, PDF, etc., or 'typed' into a Word document (although I prefer them in the ‘typed’ format!). However, Art Shows or Art Exhibitions are simply a feature in this publication – they are not a priority. Therefore, I have specific requirements for submitting Art Shows: They MUST be submitted in a “typed” format – such as in a Word document or typed within your e-mail message. This allows “cutting-and-pasting” your news item into the publication, which is impossible from a JPG or PDF of your Art Show’s poster. “Cutting and pasting” reduces the chance of publishing errors. It also reduces my overwhelming workload (I work alone – no staff) in retyping your Art Show from your poster. And since there are more Art Shows than Calls for Entry, I spend far too much time retyping, reformatting, correcting, and hunting down vital missing information in the Art Shows sent to me. This leaves me little time to hunt for and retype the news that is the priority of this publication: The Calls for Entry. Therefore, to be able to continue publishing Art Shows in The Artist's Journal, I need help. Please read the submission requirements to learn how to write your Art Show submission. And, at the very least, avoid sending me a JPG or PDF poster of your show. I need it "typed out" please. Here are more details about Art Show submissions:


Paid advertising (display or classified ads) is a much-needed income for any publication! Just sayin’. No pressure. If you are an art business or service, please consider placing a paid advertisement – even if it's just a small Classified Ad. It will be seen by hundreds of artists throughout the province. Here is the advertising information and rates:

          Also much appreciated is the income from the optional New Call Notices ($12 per year). These notices let you know when I have posted a new Call for Entry because you may not recognize which Calls are “fresh” since you last visited.

          If you would rather not have your inbox filled with New Call Notices -- and there are many! -- consider making a donation instead. You can use the payment link for the New Call Notices and let me know in a separate e-mail that you are making a donation and do not want to receive the New Call Notices. You can also contact me to donate with another payment method or amount. Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot offer "donation" receipts for income tax purposes. 

So, there you have it: Several ways to help this publication survive.

Most of them are “free” to do. 

I am very grateful for any help you can offer.


Eve Lees, editor/publisher

The Artist’s Journal

Contact Eve by e-mail


The new, free online

issue premiered on

Oct. 1st, 2022.

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