Submission Deadlines and

Advertising Rates


Your art 'news' (Call for Entry)

is published free of charge . . .

but classes, lessons, and workshops,

are considered 'paid advertising'



“News” is a Call for Entry. There is no charge for this. Please submit a Press Release in a Word document or other format that allows "cutting and pasting" (not a PDF or jpg) or type your submission within your e-mail message in plain text, please. There's no need to be 'artsy'! Submission tips: Always include the location including the actual street address of your event and a contact e-mail or phone for readers who may need more information. These are both very important and should be published in your news item!

E-mail your call to Eve or phone her at





"Ad" or "Advertising" refers to paid space

*Three size options are available:

Basic 3" x 5" size (vertical) is **$50 for one month. GST is not charged.

A vertical ad deeper than 5" is an additional **$10 for each inch. The rate is per month. GST is not charged.

A horizontal ad (8.5" wide x 3" deep) is **$85 per month. GST is not charged. 

*Your ad is designed by the editor at no extra charge and camera-ready ads are also welcome, as long as they fit the sizes noted above.

** This rate is an introductory offer and may change in the near future.

Classified advertising is also available:

PER MONTH: $12 minimum charge for up to 25 words, and 10c for each extra word. GST not charged. Add $5 if you'd like a box placed around your classified ad (for increased visibility).

Please submit your news!

     I am very grateful to those who regularly submit their Calls For Entry. It is impossible for me to search every arts organization's website for news! I appreciate the many who voluntarily send me their Calls, which are free to publish (lessons and workshops are considered paid advertising). 

       Those not in regular contact with your news, please include The Artist’s Journal on your “media mailing list.” Send your ‘press release’ of your event. If this is not possible, let me include your e-mail in my news source list: you will receive a deadline reminder notice just before each issue, allowing you to submit your Calls on time for publication.

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Published since 1997, The Artist’s Journal remains the only source of province-wide Calls For Entry for B.C.’s artists who paint or draw. Your message will be seen by many British Columbia artists.

For more information, contact

Eve Lees, editor/publisher
604-531-8643 or by e-mail