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For B.C.'s artists who paint or draw

Submission information and
Advertising Rates




Calls for Entry are the top news priority of this publication, and Eve continually searches for these on the internet and in the many 'arts newsletters' she receives. But your voluntary submission is also welcome! Please e-mail your Call For Entry in a Word document or other format that allows "cutting and pasting," or type your submission within your e-mail message in plain text (no need to be 'artsy'). 

Submission tips: Always include a link to your Call or a contact e-mail or phone number for readers needing more information. And if there is a submission deadline, please include that as well! These are very important and should be published in your Call For Entry item. 

E-mail your Call to Eve or phone 604-531-8643. 

Need help wording your submission? Download this guide to use as a template.


ART SHOWS are also published free of charge, but they are not the priority of this publication. They appear only as an added feature in The Artist's Journal. Therefore, your art show must be submitted voluntarily (Eve does not search for them online, as she does for Calls), and they must be submitted in a typed format that is easy to 'cut and paste' into the publication. Therefore, please do not submit a photo image (jpg) of your art show's poster: It will not be published. Please submit your Art Show typed into your e-mail message or attached as a Word document. E-mail it to Eve Lees. Submission tips: Please include the exact address of the show and a contact phone/e-mail or website link for readers to go to for more information. Also, look at the Art Shows column for the preferred wording of the shows published in The Artist's Journal. If you need help writing your news submission, download this guide to use as a template.


NOTE: Art Lessons and Workshops are not published free of charge. They are considered paid advertising, as a classified or display ad (see the rates below).


"Ad" or "Advertising" refers to paid space

*Three sizes of Display Ads are available:

Basic 3" x 5" size (vertical) is $50 for **one month. GST is not charged.

A vertical ad deeper than 5" is an additional $10 for each inch. The rate is **per month. GST not charged.

A horizontal ad (8.5" wide x 3" deep) is $85 **per month. GST is not charged. 

*The editor designs your Display Ad at no extra charge and camera-ready ads are also welcome, as long as they fit the sizes noted above.

** The price is based on a 30-day (one-month) period but can be negotiated if your sale or event has a shorter duration.

Classified advertising is also available:

PER MONTH: $10 minimum charge for up to 25 words, and 10c for each extra word. GST not charged. Add $5 if you'd like a box placed around your classified ad (for increased visibility).

Published since 1997, The Artist’s Journal remains the only source of province-wide Calls For Entry for B.C.’s artists who paint or draw.

Your message will be seen by many B.C. artists.

For more information, contact Eve Lees, editor/publisher

or e-mail 


Send me

your news!


I am very grateful to those who regularly submit their Calls For Entry. It is a huge task for me to search every arts organization's website, so I greatly appreciate the many who voluntarily send me their Calls, which are free to publish.

Art Shows are also free to publish, but this type of news is not the priority of The Artist's Journal:

If you have time, please read this detailed information about submitting and writing your Art Show news items.

Those not in regular contact with your news, please include The Artist’s Journal on your “media mailing list.” Send a ‘press release’ of your Call for Entry. If this is not possible, let me include your e-mail in my news source list: you will receive an occasional submission reminder, reminding you to submit any Calls (or art shows) that you may be planning.

Click here to be put on this list.



Eve Lees, editor

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