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Eve Lees is a self-taught artist who has been painting and drawing for over 40 years.



 Please Note: oil paintings may take as long as three months to complete and dry.

To read Eve's artist biography & statement, click here or scroll down this page.


Eve can also supply cartoons & illustrations for books and other publications. Contact Eve for her rates. Click here to see samples of her work.

Portraits by Eve

Young Alaskans
Tub time
Memories of Mexico
King, Jason and Jessica
Finished portrait of Monika 2017
Amber and Vanessa
Wash day

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Best friends
Visiting Grandpa
Wedding Day
Three dolls
All in the eyes
Branch Party
Lunch time
Giant panda Kai-Kai in Maca, 2014

Eve Lees Biography

Eve Bio

I love creating portraits. To see a face materialize step by step on a canvas fascinates me.

I usually begin painting the eyes, because if I can get the eyes right, the rest of the painting seems to flow easily. At first, there are only two eyes staring out at me from an otherwise blank canvas. Mesmerizing!

In addition, I love knowing my creation will become someone’s cherished and timeless keepsake.

Artist’s Statement

Eve Lees is a former newspaper reporter and editor and is currently the publisher of The Artist’s Journal. She is a self-taught artist specializing in portraits. 


Eve became interested in drawing at a young age, excelling in art classes throughout her school years. During high school, she worked at her family’s newspaper business (a chain of five newspapers) in Northern Alberta. Eve enhanced her creativity by helping with the layout and design of the newspaper’s pages and designing the advertisements. This began her interest in Graphic Design, which she continues to pursue part-time, along with her many other career interests.


She began oil painting in the early 1970s while in high school. For many years she created art only for family and close friends, later finding a preference for portraiture. Eve entered art competitions in community “Farm Fairs,” winning four 1st and 2nd place ribbons. After high school graduation, she continued her interest in art while studying Journalism in college. Eve became a newspaper editor, married and had two children before moving to British Columbia in 1985. With her move to BC, Eve switched to a part-time career in journalism and made her passion for fitness a full-time career. She managed fitness centres, became a certified personal trainer, and was a health columnist for several newspapers and magazines. Yet she still tried to find time to be creative with her painting and Graphic Design services.


Eve has completed many portrait commissions. For many years she belonged to local art clubs in Surrey, BC, to help promote her portrait work, showing her artwork in group art exhibitions and local shows. Eve has been accepted into every Juried Art show she has entered to date. Unfortunately, Eve’s many career interests and other obligations often interfere with practising her art. However, as she nears retirement, Eve looks forward to spending more time creating portraits.

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