Eve Lees was a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach for 30 yearsShe has also been freelance writing and speaking on health issues as well as teaching nutrition courses for almost 40 years. 


Eve was a newspaper editor, instructing

fitness classes part-time. In the early 1980s  she left her journalism career to work full-time as a personal trainer and as a health writer for several publications. Eve also went back to school to study Exercise Physiology and Nutrition at Simon Fraser University, S.A.I.T., The University of California at Berkeley (distance education) and Alive Academy of Natural Health.

Eve renewed her certificates every year (and continues to update her knowledge) by regularly taking courses and webinars offered by various organizations such as

Human Kinetics, IDEA Health & Fitness

Assoc., Can-Fit-Pro, American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Today's Dietitian. In addition, she continually enhances her knowledge with her ongoing research and interviewing the 'specialists' for her health columns.


Information Sessions

Zoom and telephone sessions also available

Recipes designed by Eve

Snacks & Light Meals

Main Meals

Chocolate Cake recipe

Decadent, sugar-free & packed with veggies 

Holiday recipes

Ginger Cookies & Cranberry Sauce

Veggie Muffins

A delicious way to eat more vegetables

Cake / Cupcake recipe

A treat for any occasion


Speaking Presentations

Eve Lees, Freelance Health Writer/Speaker and Editor of The Artist's Journal

On many health topics

At the workplace for your staff and customers or in your own home for family and friends.

Presentations for all interests and ages . . . from kids to seniors, couch potatoes to fitness instructors. Offering practical tips and tools to enhance your health.

Eve’s most popular presentation is Eat to Excel, providing general guidelines and tips on healthy eating. Other topics include exercise tips, stress reduction, weight loss, weight gain/muscle building, ageing youthfully, boosting your immune system . . . and much more!

Requests for specific topics can be accommodated.

Presentation Rates: $100/hr (Corporate/Business rate). Contact Eve for her lower rate for non-profit or small, private groups. Presentations are preferred in the Vancouver to Langley region only. However, special

arrangements can be made for areas elsewhere in BC. Handouts are included in the Corporate Rate if less than 25 participants. Contact Eve for more information and to arrange a Speaking Presentation.

For more information contact Eve by e-mail


What we eat is the

foundation for good health.

The nutrients in food support and

strengthen our immune system.

If our bodies aren’t strong (and

nutrients make us strong) we are at

an increased risk of becoming ill.
— Eve Lees

Nutrition Sessions

Now semi-retired, Eve has decided not to renew her Nutrition Certification, therefore she no longer offers her services as a Nutrition Coach. However, she would like to continue sharing her ongoing health research with others. Eve has information on both sides of many current issues, offering an unbiased look at the 'pros and cons' to help you make an educated decision regarding your diet. Therefore, Eve continues to offer a single session for general nutrition/diet questions. Please see Session Rates below for more explanation . . .


1) Those with questions about current nutrition trends or wanting more information on a specific topic. The session can be shared with one or two others (the cost can also be shared), as long as all participants have the same interest/goal. For larger groups, please see the Speaking  Presentations information above. 


2) Eve will not put you on a specific diet, but she can offer a very general overview of your current dietary habits, to identify any 'red flags' where improvements could be made. And if you need more detailed guidance, Eve will refer you to an appropriate, credible health specialist for your particular concerns.



One session is $50 in person; $45 by telephone or by Zoom.

A 'session' is typically one hour. Contact Eve to make an appointment.

A single session is suitable for



SESSION LOCATIONS: All in-person appointments with Eve are held in the White Rock/South Surrey area (or via Zoom). Contact Eve to arrange a location and to book your appointment e-mail

Please Note: Eve is not a Registered Dietitian (RD) and therefore is unable to counsel those with major health issues or design a specific 'diet' for you to

follow. If necessary, she will make referrals to

other health professionals if your issues

 are beyond her qualifications.

Contact Eve by e-mail

Nutrition K.I.S.S. 


A nutrition video of Eve's

most popular health talk. Enjoy!

Download the handout for the talk here