Eve Lees, Health Writer

Eve Lees is a former newspaper editor. She combines her 35+ years in the health/fitness industry with her journalism background to enlighten her readers on many health issues. 

Eve Lees, Freelance Health Writer & Speaker, British Coumbia, Canada

Personal Health Newsletter  
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Eve no longer produces this Canada-wide
health letter, which she published for many years. 

We're running your 'Refined Carbohydrates are Addictive' piece. Honestly, Eve, people have been explaining this forever, but I've never seen it more clearly explained – and concisely!

– Jeani Read, The Province Newspaper, Vancouver.

It is so great not to have to do excessive editing.

All I did was work with Jim (in production) on images.

Thank you for your great work.

 – Janis Foster, Editor, Sounder Profiles Newsmagazine.

Have I told you lately you’re a dream columnist to work with? You are!! 

– Bobbie Jo Reid, Managing Editor, INSPIRED Magazine


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