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Practise variety in food choices

HEALTH TIP . . . Choose from a wide variety of foods. If you always eat the same things at each meal you risk limiting the many nutrients you need to keep you alive.

Practise variety: Each time you grocery shop, "change-up" a few of the foods you usually buy. Choose something different than you did last time. For example, if you purchased salad lettuce last week, buy spinach this week, or another type of lettuce. If it was apples and grapes purchased on your last shopping trip, buy oranges and kiwi this time.

Another tip: Introduce a new food on your shopping list whenever you can. Have you tried jicama, starfruit, sorghum (a whole grain), or fresh coconut? And give those foods that you don't like another chance. Try preparing them differently, or eat them raw if you tried them cooked before.

Variety is not just the "spice of life." It can also ensure your body functions efficiently!


Eve Lees is a Certified Nutrition Coach, a Health Speaker and a Health Writer for several publications. Visit


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