COVID-19: Health tips to lower your risk (updated Sept 2020)

Also published in The White Rock Sun, March 2020. COVID-19 is a current threat that we shouldn’t take lightly. Yet we should also try not to panic. NOTE: This article was updated September 2020 to reflect the ongoing discoveries science is making regarding the nature of this virus. As with any epidemic in the past, fear seems to guide us. Early in the pandemic, toilet paper, face masks, rubber gloves, and antibacterial hand sanitizers were immediately sold out in stores, proof that many were indeed responding with panic and fear. It's best to set our fears aside. To avoid panicking, take control by taking sensible preventive actions instead. All sources say the protective measures used separ

Should we take nutritional supplements?

Originally published in Inspired 55+ Lifestyle Magazine, January 2020 Diet plays a major role in healthy aging. But can nutritional supplements boost our health more? Most sources agree supplements aren’t necessary when eating healthfully. But supplements can have a place in a healthy diet – ideally, while still prioritizing nutritious foods. Supplements are advised if you lack a nutrient and can’t derive it from food. We all have unique nutrition needs, due to genetics, lifestyle choices, and our environment. There are also differing needs during pregnancy or in our senior years, and in conditions like osteoporosis, digestive problems, even injury recovery. Therefore, some people can benefi

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