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Demand “healthier” foods from the food industry

Originally published in The White Rock Sun, Dec 2018

You can be in control of our food supply.

If you are truly concerned with the quality of foods supplied to us, you can send a message to the food industry by being conscious of what you put in your

shopping cart.

We are continually being ‘tracked’ regarding our food purchases, online and in the stores. Even those “points” cards you use are also helping those in the food industry track your purchases.

Cut back or stop buying the junk and focus more on whole, quality foods. This sends a message to the food industry of what we are ‘demanding’ and that can affect what we are being ‘supplied.’ Keep buying cookies and candy bars and you’ll keep seeing lots and lots of them on the shelves. But stop buying them and those manufacturers will be scratching their heads finding a way to adjust to the public’s healthier demands. Even if they decide to make the candy bar higher in fibre . . . well, at least that’s a start!

It’s all economics: supply and demand. The organic food industry is a perfect example of this supply and demand cycle. For many years, it’s been an iffy industry, not really regulated. But because there is lots of evidence (shown by our points cards!) that the general public is buying lots of organic products, the supply has increased. It’s much easier to find organic fare today and the prices also seem

to be lowering.

In addition, food inspection agencies took notice of our increased demand for organic foods. Now, in Canada, organic foods are finally being regulated. Today there are standards set and organic farmers are being regularly inspected to ensure they are indeed supplying us with organic fare.

And all because we began to “demand” it, as reflected by our purchasing choices.

We can each make a difference. One step at a time. Buy the healthier foods and cut back (or stop) buying the junk.


Eve Lees is a Nutrition Coach, a Health Speaker, and a Health Writer for several publications. For more health articles by Eve visit her website.

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