Have patience with weight loss

The best weight loss tip? Have patience! During the first few weeks of a diet, a rapid drop in weight may happen. Most of that lost weight was likely water, released as stored glycogen from your muscles. This occurred to provide you more fuel for energy, due to your lower food intake. But your body soon begins to adjust and stabilize after the “shock” of your new daily habits. You may even hit that dreaded “plateau” despite your efforts of exercising regularly and eating sensibly. Have patience while your body learns new habits. To lose fat, the recommendation is usually very simple: Eat sensibly and exercise more. However, if you’ve been inactive plus carrying excess weight for some time, o

Exercise is important, but make nutrition your top priority

We need to be physically active and nutrition is vital to fuel and support physical activity. Over 35 years ago I began my career in the fitness industry as a part-time fitness instructor and later, as a full-time personal trainer. At first I was coaching my clients to improve their health by being more active. At the same time, I was Freelance Writing on health issues – spending all my non-gym hours researching and interviewing experts in the fitness, nutrition and medical fields. I learned so much from interviewing them – but I was particularly intrigued by the nutrition specialists. Their information made me increasingly aware of the importance of properly fueling our physical activities,

pH balance: Can diet make you ‘acidic’?

Originally published in The White Rock Sun, November 2016 Among the many highly debated health topics, is the belief your body can become acidic from eating acid-forming foods, like meats and grains . . . and that being ‘acidic’ is linked to poor health. These assumptions are partly right and partly wrong, because they have been extremely simplified. Your body’s alkalinity or acidity – your pH balance – is a very confusing, complicated process. Can we become acidic? Well . . . yes and no. Yes, because if you eat an acid-forming food, like meats or grains, a pH test might indicate you are ‘acidic’ until your body eliminates the acid residue (therefore, you can be very healthy, yet still test

Avoid exercise/diet overkill

Previously published in 1993 (as Eve’s newspaper health column) in The Langley Times, The Surrey Leader, The Abbotsford News, Today’s Times, and Mackenzie Report Inc. Also published in the Oct-Nov-Dec 1999 issue of Personal Health Newsletter Small steps best for making lifestyle changes . . . Simon, James, Dick, and Marcie all made big, overnight changes to their lifestyles. Simon Wilson (not his real name) eagerly threw himself into a seven-day-per-week exercise program. Daily, he jogged 30 minutes, weight trained for 45 minutes, and if his timing was right with the fitness schedule at the gym, he'd finish off with an invigorating hour-long aerobics class. However, on the weekends Simon too

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