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Intro: Boost your metabolism program

Welcome to the Boost your Metabolism program.

It's fun, it's free, and you can work at your own pace!

There’s no cost to participate, and no registration is required. All you do is follow each provided “tip” (or healthy lifestyle habit) for as long as you need to make it a new habit.

If you currently have challenges with weight loss or want to avoid weight gain (especially as you age), participate in this program of gradually adding healthy habits to your lifestyle. These eight practical tips may help speed your metabolic rate – that's how efficiently your body “operates,” including how well you

utilize the food you eat.

Metabolism involves all the chemical reactions that occur in our cells to sustain life. Among many other functions, this also includes transforming your food into fuel. By changing a few of your lifestyle habits, your body can more easily maintain a healthy body weight.

These tips may help improve or "boost" your metabolic rate. However, we all differ as individuals, therefore "metabolism-boosting" is a relative term, dependent on many factors. So instead, think of these tips as lifestyle-improving skills. Even if they do not directly affect your weight loss (if that's what you want), they will contribute to your good health and healthy weight maintenance in the long term.

I encourage you to follow each tip for longer than a week before moving on to the next one. Making gradual changes is much easier and doable – and likely

more permanent!

All the tips will be kept on this Blog. You can always access them whenever you are ready to begin the next. By the way, it's a good idea to do them in their numerical order (because I may occasionally refer back to tips previously covered).

Yes, ‘psychology’ should be considered to change a habit successfully: it’s essential to replace the reward and pleasure sensations derived from the old habit, with new feelings generated from the new habit. This "program" may or may not fulfill that. However, this program can serve as an example that new habits can be incorporated easily into your current lifestyle. Hopefully, that ease will encourage you to continue exploring the possibilities of change.

Therefore, please be aware, results may not be immediate as you follow this “program.” This is not a quick fix. Consider this a long-term investment, with payout coming later: Kind of like buying R.R.S.P.’s.

Ready to begin? Here’s the first tip . . . TIP # 1

Have fun with this program!


Eve Lees is a Certified Nutrition Coach, a former Certified Personal Trainer, a Health Speaker, and a Health Writer for several publications. She has been active in the health & fitness industry for over 35 years.

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