Intermittent Fasting? Try hunger-free Intuitive Eating instead!

The new trend of Intermittent Fasting offers the same benefits as Intuitive Eating (eating only when hungry). However, with Intermittent Fasting you suffer hunger pains – but you won't with Intuitive Eating! Intermittent Fasting is going for scheduled periods of time without eating. Various cultures and religious beliefs have practised some form of fasting for centuries. And we all basically “fast” every night when we are sleeping. There are apparently many ways to follow the increasingly popular practice of Intermittent Fasting. This can include skipping meals, eating every-other-day, or alternating a certain number of days fasting with a set amount of days eating. Intermittent Fasting has


Published in The White Rock Sun February 2018. Many of our foods today have been altered, through natural evolution and/or by human intervention: by hybridization, crossbreeding, grafting or budding which are not genetic modification (GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms). Wheat was crossed or hybridized with another grain (rye). Currently, commercially grown wheat is not genetically modified. Although that could change in the future. Combining two plants, by any of the methods mentioned above (except GMO), can occur naturally and humans can do it as well – and a little faster than Mother Nature can. They involve combining two plants of a similar plant family (like modern wheat crossed with

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