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Good health is simply good chemistry

Published in the White Rock Sun, January 2017

​The foods we eat are a complex mass of chemicals.

Our bodies are also complex masses of chemicals.

These chemicals in our food and in our bodies work together to ensure we function and operate normally.

The chemicals in our food/water/air are the tools (nutrients, etc.) that we require to survive: to keep our bodies operating efficiently.

Unfortunately, when we change our food (process it) we risk changing its chemistry. This can change how our bodies “read” the food and may affect how we absorb and utilize it. As our bodies try to figure out how to deal with this unfamiliar, changed chemistry, it becomes more work for the body. More work is more stress. More stress creates more fatigue. Because the average diet is high in convenience (processed) foods, it's no wonder the most common complaint among humans today is "I'm

so tired."

Constant stress over time can be health-robbing. In addition, depriving ourselves of the unchanged, unprocessed “tools” we need to function will also ruin our health. As we age, we become less able to deal with this malnutrition. Digestive stress and other poor health concerns begin to develop.

And as we continue to age, these health problems snowball into more and bigger problems. Until we are at the point where walking, talking and even thinking become very difficult. Our body finally has to say, “I give up. I can’t deal with this abuse

any longer!”

We call this aging.

But this extreme response does not have to happen. Making better food choices is a big factor in slowing or avoiding the development of poor health. Many of these poor health 'symptoms' we inaccurately attribute to aging.

You don’t have to drastically change your eating habits. Or become a born-again fanatic about it. Simply become aware of making better food choices. More often, opt for an apple instead of a cookie or snack bar. Add an extra vegetable (or two) to your meals. Cut back on the soft drinks and more often make a healthier choice instead, like water with lemon.

Choose to practise healthful eating habits. Make it an investment for your future.

Eve Lees is a Nutrition Coach, a Health Speaker and a Health Writer for several publications.

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