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Choose food, not silver, as medicine

Colloidal Silver is a dietary supplement in which silver particles are suspended in a liquid. Advocates boast of this mineral’s cure-all properties: An immune system booster, fights bacteria and viruses, and treats cancer and many other disorders.

They also warn humans are suffering from a “silver deficiency.”

However, silver is not an essential nutrient, so we can’t be deficient in it. Silver has no biological use in the human body.

Colloidal Silver can be used externally; it’s an effective antibacterial and antiviral. It’s sometimes used to sterilize medical equipment. But don’t get external use confused with internal use. We don’t know enough about using Colloidal Silver internally. And we are all different: You have no idea what your tolerable level really is. At the very least you may risk turning your skin a shade of bluish-grey, a condition called Argyria (you can’t undo this, by the way) – and at the very worst, you may be risking renal failure.

If you are seeking an antiviral and antibacterial to lower your risk of illness, simply eat better. Food is medicine. We need to break away from our “pop-a-pill-or-take-a-potion” mentality. Getting a wide variety of nutrient-rich plant foods is our best defence against any illness.

But if you can’t immediately break from this pill-taking society we’ve created, then stick with plants our bodies were designed to ingest – such as medicinal herbs like oregano and ginger . . . and there are many others. Take those in pill form, if you must (and eat them in their food form as well). These plants have all the same health-boosting properties of “silver.” Better safe, than sorry (or turning blue).

If you choose to use Colloidal Silver, fine. But please do your research first. Many of us choose to only regard the studies and articles that confirm what we want to believe. We ignore or overlook the views that conflict with our beliefs.

Review both sides of all issues with an open mind. And then make your decision.



Cautions from McGill University:

Dangers of Colloidal Silver intravenous infusions:

FDA crackdown on fraudulent treatments, including Colloidal Silver


Eve Lees is a Nutrition Coach, a Health Speaker, and a Health Writer for several publications.

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