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Bone broth for healthy skin and bones?

Along with its many touted health benefits, there is also a growing interest in bone broth because of its collagen content. Collagen is a protein that forms the structure of our bodies. It’s especially known for its role in youthful-looking skin and bone and joint health.

However, your body doesn’t take the collagen from a food and force your bones or skin cells to helplessly suck it up. When you eat protein like collagen, the body’s job is to break it apart. That’s what the digestive process does; it breaks down the food into the tools that you, as a unique individual, requires to function.

The protein collagen is split into the various amino acids that originally united to create collagen. These amino acids are then reassembled into whatever type of protein your body is in need of. And it might not be for your skin.

If you are considering drinking bone broth, go for it. It’s not a magic potion but it is adequate as a recovery and hydration source after a good workout: It can rehydrate and provide electrolytes, although mostly as sodium. It’s also a comforting, warm drink on a cold day, or when you are ill and have no appetite. But avoid attributing any “too good to be true” merits to bone broth, or to any food, for that matter.

The key to good health (including skin health) is the combination of a wide

variety of foods.

Too many of us have minor or major health issues. That can be a pretty good indication we're probably not eating properly. And focusing on one food, like bone broth, isn’t going to fix that . . . or tighten up loose skin.


Eve Lees is a Nutrition Coach, a Health Speaker, and a Health Writer for several publications.


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